In April 2006 , I got gallbladder's attack. It was so painfull so I had to go to emergency room. The doctors told me to remove my gallbladder because I had a lot of gallstones and they told me that they can just not take out the gallstones from my gallbladder. The doctors said they already removed some gallstones from my common bile duct, and docters said I would get the gallbladder's attack again in 2 weeks if I did not remove my gallbladder. I refused the suggestion of docters and hospital and went home. The bill of hospital and doctors was about $ 40,000. After some research, I found the remedy for liver cleansing and I had been doing for 12 cleansings. During 12 cleansing I passed around 1200 to 1500 stones because I could not count the small stones. My last check up, My doctor told me there was no more stones my liver and gallbladder. Try this Website's liver cleansing remedy and you will glad to do it. Michael Halim, USA Oct 2006.

        I am 70 years old woman. I have done 3 liver cleansings from this website. I had my check up and my doctor told me that my high blood pressure and my cholesterol are lower than previous checked up about 3 months ago. And I also feel good. I will keep doing the liver cleansing in the future to improve my health. Theresia, Indonesia, Sept 2006.

    I am 40 years female. I have done 4 liver cleansings. I feel more strong on joint special on my legs. I will keep doing liver cleansings until pretty much clean. Lidwina, Feb 2007.